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New Icom Spares Support Page

Are you looking for a spare part for your Icom radio? If you are, we have recently added a dedicated support section on this website called Icom Spares.

Icom Support Kayaker Project To Clean Up Cornwall Beaches

Icom UK are supporting Charlie Francis, the Project Co-ordinator for OceanPositive Paddle in their efforts to clean up remote beaches around Cornwall. She will be paddling out of Cornwall to remote, inaccessible beaches and small coves whilst documenting her journey with photos, blogging and filming. Icom have supplied her with an IC-M25 to keep her safe and in contact with support throughout.

Check Out Our Two Way Radio Knowledge Base Section On Our Website

Icom Inc. have been designing and manufacturing a broad range of reliable and innovative two way radio solutions for over 50 years. As Icom UK, we have been serving customers for almost the same time and have developed an extensive knowledge base in all the sectors we operate in, whether in maritime, the business radio sector, aviation or amateur radio.

Icom Support SUNUS Ocean Racing Circumnavigation Record Attempt

Icom UK are proud to support the SUNUS Ocean Racing team in their efforts to break the current speed record for the fastest circumnavigation of the British Isles. This will be a journey of over 2000 miles with the team planning to only stop for refuelling, working day and night with no sleep or rest for up to 73 hours, operating at speeds of over 45 knots. To aide them in their efforts, where safety will be essential, Icom have supplied SUNUS Ocean Racing with IC-M35 VHF marine transceiver handhelds.

How To Prevent Corrosion of Your Icom Marine VHF Handheld Radio

Salt water corrosion is a major problem for any equipment being used at sea. No matter how waterproof the equipment is, without correct maintenance, corrosion will eventually cause loss of performance and further issues.

Less Than a Week Left Until Our 8.33kHz Airband Scrappage Scheme Finishes!

There is just under a week left until our 8.33kHz airband scrappage scheme finishes. The scheme provides you with an opportunity to receive a £50 rebate against a purchase of either an IC-A6E Portable VHF COM Transceiver and IC-A24E Portable VHF VOR/COM Transceiver (Sport or PRO Pack or £75 rebate against a purchase of an IC-A220T Airband Panel Mount Transceive.

Download the Latest Icom Radio Catalogues!

We have recently updated our range of market specific Icom radio catalogues on our website for you to download. Each catalogue provides details of our two way business radio, marine, radio Amateur and other product ranges. The catalogues are also available in print upon request.

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Icom IC-7850/7851 Firmware Update (Version 1.2)

Icom have released a firmware update for the IC-7850/7851 HF Amateur Radio transceivers. The firmware update provides the following improvements:

Icom UK’s 8.33kHz Airband Scrappage Scheme

We have an excellent opportunity for our aviation customers to meet the impending 8.33kHz deadline and save money with our Airband radio scrappage scheme. The scheme, running until the end of January 2018, will provide you with an opportunity to receive a £50 rebate against a purchase of either an IC-A6E Portable VHF COM Transceiver and IC-A24E Portable VHF VOR/COM Transceiver (Sport or PRO Pack) or £75 rebate against a purchase of an IC-A220T Airband Panel Mount Transceiver.

IC-F52D/F62D Digital Two Way Radio Series. Compact, Waterproof & Advanced Features!

Expanding Icom’s new range of IDAS digital two-way radios is the IC-F52D/F62D series, a compact, waterproof radio with advanced features.

CB2000, Transforms Your Icom Radio into a Class B AIS Transponder

Icom UK are pleased to introduce the CB2000 AIS transponder unit which transforms the ICOM IC-M506EURO and IC-M605EURO to VHF/DSC radios complete with Class B AIS transponders. This transponder radio solution will be ideal for all boaters, including sailing yachts, motor cruisers, RIBS and tenders, indeed anyone who wants the enhanced safety of an AIS transponder and the comfort and benefits it offers.

Two Way Business Radio Applications, Courtesy of Radio Service

We have two new case studies to share with you in the case study section of our website. Both have been supplied to us by our Business Radio dealer, Radio Service who are based in Preston, Lancashire. Both showcase how our products are used as part of an integrated strategy tackling the complicated issues of retail crime and anti social behaviour.

Radio Equipment Directive (RED) for Two Way Radio Equipment

Effective from 13th June 2017, the Radio Equipment Directive (RED) 2014/53/EU replaced the Radio and Telecommunications Terminal Equipment (RTTE) Directive 1999/5/EC and this will have a huge impact on everyone involved in supplying the radios to you. Compared to the RTTE Directive, the new RED directive brings with it significant changes to its scope and to the technical requirements for manufacturers wishing to place radio products and active components/accessories on the market.

Icom UK’s Sales Director Wins 2018 BMTA Personality of the Year Award

Icom UK are pleased to announce that sales director, Sam Taylor-Nobbs, was the recipient of the 2018 British Marine Trade Association Personality of the Year award. Sam was presented with the award at the British Marine Trades Association Awards dinner on 10th January 2018.

Callum Stockley joins Icom UK’s Marketing Department

Icom UK are pleased to announce that Callum Stockley joins the marketing department as their new Marketing Assistant.

Chris Lambert RIP

All of us at Icom UK are very sad to learn of the passing of our friend and ex-colleague, Chris.

IC-7610 HF/50MHz SDR Transceiver has landed!

The wait is finally over and the first stocks of the most talked about Amateur radio in the last couple of years are finally here. We are now shipping limited quantities of the IC-7610 HF/50MHz SDR Transceiver to our network of Amateur radio dealers so some of the lucky ones among you will have the opportunity to operate this new radio.