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Benin 2018 by KOP Team

Press release 1:

“F6KOP announces its next DXpedition. 

They will be active from Bénin from 7 to 18 March 2018.

Team: international team of 12 operators, the Teamleader will be Jean-Luc, F1ULQ

Plans are to be active with 4 stations from 160 to 10m in CW, SSB, dimimodes (RTTY,PSK and FT8).
The callsign is still pending.”



5P8VW Rømø Island EU-125

“Hello DxCoffee readers,

like in 2016 I will be active again in december from 13th of december  2017 until 23th december 2017. The bands 10m – 160m will be used in SSB, CW, FT8 and JT65.

If you need further information please let me know this and I will support a news entry.

vy 73 es 55″

                       de Volker 5P8VW

                               OZFF-0004 / EU-125 Rømø Island

3D2EU Rotuma 2018 [Update]

1 December 2017

Ronald Stuy PA3EWP informs DxCoffee readers: 

“Last week we received our license, so the call 3D2EU is confirmed.

The coming 2 weeks we will start packing 2 boxes with antenna equipment +/- 100 KG.

These boxes will be shipped half December to Tony 3D2AG on Fiji.

Our website is also up and running http://www.rotuma2018.de “


Ronald Stuy PA3EWP



27 September 2017

Ronald Stuy PA3EWP informs DxCoffee readers: 

“A team of 5 operators will activate Rotuma from 23 February until 16 March 2018.

Active from 10m – 160m all main modes.

The team consist of: Tony 3D2AG, Heye DJ9RR, Erno DK2AMM, Hans, DL6JGN and Ronald PA3EWP.

The requested callsign, but not yet confirmed is 3D2EU. QSL manager DK2AMM.

More information will follow the coming weeks.”

3C1L & 3C0L Republic of Equatorial Guinea [QSL – Update]

01 December 2017   “Hi DxCoffee, Our QSL cards are in printing process. 
Soon QSLs for direct OQRS and sponsor QSOs will be mailed. 
On 10th of December also priority LoTW upload will be done for supporters and direct OQRS QSOs.”


73, Yuris YL2GM


**************************** 13 October 2017 “Dear radio amateurs, The time has come for new DXpedition lead by YL2GM to 3C1L (Bioko) and 3C0L (Annobon). Country: Republic of Equatorial Guinea. DXCC most wanted list: 3C0 #30, 3C1 #44. Dates of operation: 10 OCT 2017 – 22 OCT 2017. Callsign: 3C0L, 3C1L. Minimal support requirements for logo/call on QSL card: 100 $/€   List of operators: 1.YL2GM 2.YL3AIW   More info and regular updates on DXpedition website: http://www.lral.lv/3c0l_3c1l/index.html “

H91IT Isla Taboga NA-072

Ricardo Schwarz HP1RIS informs DxCoffee Readers:

“Dear Sirs, hoping you are very well,
We will be activating Isla Taboga H91IT IOTA NA072, from 6th to 9th day of January 2018,  operated by HP1MAC, HP1RIS, HP1YLS and HP1DRK, in the bands of 10 to 40 meters, with FT991 , FT891 and FT817,  vertical antennas, dipoles and end fed, the QSL via HP1RCP Radio Club de Panama.
More information and photo on qrz.com H91IT
Thanking you for posting this activation on your important DX Coffee website,
Best regards, 73″

J70VR & …. by Heli DD0VR and Bigi DE3BWR

Heli DD0VR informs DxCoffee Readers:

“Hi to all! Here my license in Dominica . It was not possible to become license in St.Lucia (Application sended January 2017!!!), also I heard nothing from Barbados, but I read, I must go personally to the agency to become the license without problems, they never replay via e mail or phone/fax. We´ll start 16´th of December to Barbados, flight after some days to Martinique, after a week we take the ferry boat to Dominica for some days, than we travel to Guadeloupe with the ferry and flight back around the 20´th of January in 2018. The equipment for the DX-travel  SSB KX3 + HL1.1KFX 40/20/15/10 m IOTA QRG´s, CW only qrp with KX2 + Begali Adventure  QRP-QRG´s. Antennas are Hyendfed.nl 40m/20m QRO 4 kW, multiband 800 W Hyendfed.nl, mostly my selfbuild quad 20/15/10 m if it´s enough space for it. I´ll announce before I start in the “dx-summit.fi “the activity . The pictures comes in the best quality from my wife Bigi DE3BWR  to You. The pictures I send before comes fom my mobilphone and are not so high quality. I hope to become in Barbados the call 8P0VR, but we will see. From Martinique we will make a daytrip or two to meet J69BB personally, and have a look without license around, because I have contact to some hams stateside have heavy problems with customs there and become the equipmant back after they pay 375$ fine to custom. I´ll risk this not. For all QRPérs  I listen often between the Guns and have for that a T2FD 10m/0,5m distance and hear the grass grow in the air. I´ll call between the guns in this sequence “there are a ladiestation, schoolstation, mobilstation, any  QRP, a C14″? and listening for a wile to give all a chance, also our club members here in Rosenheim. I´ll end a correct QSO with Ciao, Ciao. So I hope all will be well and wish You all the best , good healthy a merry christmas and a happy new Year.”

Best 73/72/55/88 de Heli DD0VR and Bigi DE3BWR 


ZF2PG Cayman Islands NA-016

Pete K8PGJ informs DxCoffee Readers:

“Pete, K8PGJ will be on the Sunny Grand Cayman Islands (NA-016) during the week of January 13-21, 2018. Activity when not diving will occur on 10? thru 20 meters SSB on weekdays, evening of the 18th on 40 thru 160 meters and will activate the Caymans for the NAQP SSB Contest on 10? thru 160 meters. LoTW will be utilized and Direct QSL to home call. Weekday schedule will be on QRZ.”

TK0C Corsica Island EU-014

Goran S55OO informs DxCoffee readers:

Hi! TK0C and TK/owncall will be QRV from Corsica.

QRV 20th-28th of November TK/owncall

Info @ https://qrz.com/db/tk0c

73 tnx INFO CU

C8T Mozambique

Bruno CS8ABG informs DxCoffee readers:

A international team of Radio Amateurs will be active from Mozambique, as C8T,  2 – 15 May 2018.

The team: ON8KW (leader), ON7TQ, CS7ABG, CU2CO, DL8JJ, ON1DX, ON4ACP, ON4AMX, ON4CCV, ON4EI, ON4QX, ON5CD, ON6LY and ON7RU.

web site for full information: https://mozambique2018.wordpress.com/


FY/DL7BC & FY/DL7BC/p French Guiana

Hartwig DL7BC will be active from French Guiana 26 November to 7 December 2017 as FY/DL7BC and FY/DL7BC/p.
He will operate on HF Bands.
QSL via home call, LOTW.

XF1IM Magdalena Island NA-078

Manuel XE2IC and Felix XE2I will be active from Magdalena Island, IOTA NA-078, as XF1IM 25 November to 3 December 2017.
Active on HF Bands.
QSL only via XE2IC, direct.


3B9HA Rodrigues Island AF-017

Olof G0CKV will be active again from Rodrigues Island, IOTA AF-017, 23 November to 12 December 2017 as 3B9HA.
Active HF Bands, including CQ WW DX CW Contest.

V26K Antigua Island NA-100

Bud AA3B will be active again from Antigua Island, IOTA NA-100, 22 to 27 November 2017 as V26K.
Active operate on HF Bands CW, RTTY, FT8 including activity in CQ WW DX CW.

QSL via home call, LOTW, OQRS.



DU9/RZ3FW & DU9/R4WAA Sarangani Island OC-175

Yan RZ3FW and Sergey R4WAA will be active from Sarangani Island, IOTA OC-175, 21 to 29 November 2017 as DU9/RZ3FW and DU9/R4WAA.
Active on HF Bands including activity in CQ WW DX CW Contest.
QSL via home calls direct.

9G5W Ghana

November 20th to November 29th 2017
7 OPs will be active on all Bands including CQ WW CW Contest from Kokrobite ,Ghana   
Grid locator IJ95TL

QSL via S59ZZ

web site: https://www.ghana.si

EG1ET Salvora Island EU- 077

Radio Amateurs from Spain will be active from Salvora Island, IOTA EU- 077, 18 to 19 November 2017 as EG1ET.
Active on HF Bands, all bands.
QSL via EA1ET.

YJ0JA Efate Island OC-035

Tom JA1VND will be active from Efate Island, IOTA OC-035, Vanuatu, 15 to 20 November 2017 as YJ0JA.
Active on 160 – 10m CW, SSB and RTTY.
QSL via home call, LOTW.

9X2AW Rwanda

Harald DF2WO will be active from Rwanda 15 to 30 November 2017 as 9X2AW.
He will operate on HF Bands.

V63PSK Moen Island OC-011

Shuji JA1FMN will be active from Moen Island (Weno Island), Chuuk Islands, IOTA OC-011, 14 to 18 November 2017 as V63PSK.
Active on 20 – 10m PSK, JT65, FT8, JT9.
QSL via home call direct, eQSL.



TO5W Martinique

Adrian KO8SCA informs DxCoffee readers:

“…Planning a 7-day Holiday Style DXpedition to Martinique on November 21-28, 2017.

He will be using the special callsign TO5W for the entire week, including the CQ-WW-CW 2017 contest.

Activity will be on all HF bands 160-10M, CW & SSB.

ClubLog upload during DXpedition. Paper QSL card through ClubLog OQRS. LoTW after the DXpedition.

For more details see the KO8SCA QRZ.com webpage.”