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EEVblog #1059 – Quick 861DW Hot Air Waveform Measurement

An update on the Quick 861DW, and probing its current consumption in comparison to the Atten 858D+ with the TTi I-Prober

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EEVblog #1058 – Quick 861DW Hot Air Rework Station Review

Dave reviews and tears down the $300 Quick 861DW hot air rework station. How much better is it than the $70 Atten 858D+ ?


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Louis Rossmann’s video

EEVblog #1057 – µCurrent Murphy

Dave investigates a problem with a recent batch of uCurrents, something that WASN’T supposed to happen!
A rare look at a real world combination of design, manufacturing, production testing, and procurement problems.

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EEVblog #1056 – Digilent Open Scope MZ Review

Dave looks at the Digilent Open Scope MZ Review, an $89 open source oscilloscope, logic analyser, and function generator.

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EEVblog #1055 – How to Design a Custom LCD

How to design a custom multiplexed LCD display.
Dave takes you through what is required to design your own custom LCD display and what consideration you need for manufacturing and choosing an LCD display driver.

Part 3 in the LCD Tutorial series.

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EEVblog #1054 – How an Analog PC Joystick Works

How does a PC read an old school analog joystick?
It might be more interesting than you think.
Or how to make an ADC out of a 555 Timer…

IBM PC Jr Technical Reference Manual

Tandy 1000 Technical Reference Manual

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Dumpster Dive – HP Envy Touch PC Repair

Troubleshooting and attempted repair of a HP Envy touch PC found in the dumpster.

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EEVblog #1053 – The Biggest 80’s Computer FAIL – IBM PC Jr

Dave looks at the biggest flop in 1980’s personal computers, the IBM PC Jr.
Teardown and extensive walk-through of the main motherboard.

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EEVblog #1052 – BEWARE Crap Banana Plugs!

Trap for young players, beware of crap quality banana plugs!
Dave discovered his gold plated rotating spring leaf lantern style contact banana plugs are craptacular!

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Guest Video: – Kaizer Power Electronics – Sony BVP-7AP Vintage Video Camera Teardown

In this guest video Mads Barnkob from the Kaizer Power Electronics channel tears down a vintage Sony BVP-7AP Video Camera. The construction might surprise you!

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Guest Video: Kerry Wong – HP493A 8GHz Microwave RF Amplifier Teardown

In this guest video Kerry Wong tears down a vintage HP 8GHz TWT (Traveling-Wave Tube) Microwave Amplifier, and the actual Travelling Wave Tube itself and explains how it works.

Service Manual

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Guest Video: Brian Lough – ESP8266 Libraries

Brian is the one who wrote the ESP8266 Youtube library that I used in the Nixie Tube Sub Counter video series. Here he is showing you all sorts of cool libraries for the ESP8266 module in this guest video.

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The Defpom Calibrator Repair

Scott from the The Defpom channel troubleshoots a Fluke Calibrator
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Guest Video: Voltlog #142 – Mailbag

In this guest video, Florin from the Voltlog channel with his InTheMail segment reviews some cheap useful tools and gadgets from Ebay, Aliexpress and Banggood.

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Guest Video: Bob DuHamel – How Opamp Virtual Grounds Work

In this guest video Bob DuHamel from RSD Academy does a follow-up to my opamp tutorial video explaining with a neat visual aid how the virtual ground on an inverting opamp works.

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Guest Video: TGSoapbox – RF Crystal Detectors

In this guest video Tony Goodhew from TGsoapbox demonstrates how to calculator RF crystal detector sensitivity.
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Guest Video: TannerTech Designing a Frequency Counter

In this guest video, Tanner from TannerTech explains how to build a frequency counter using the CD4026B IC.
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World’s First Solar Powered Train!

Dave checks out the world’s first solar powered train! the Byron Bay Solar Train.
A Byron Bay company have converted an old 1950’s “red rattler” Sydney train into a battery storage solar powered train.
Solar panels on the train roof can charge the train batteries which can last for an entire days service. a 30kW solar system on the train station roof provides fast charge power and power back into the grid when not being used.


Making robots for Mars with NASA scientist Dave Lavery

Dave Lavery, Roboticist from NASA talks about the Curiosity Rover mission and Mars exploration.

Dave Lavery is a roboticist and is Program Executive for Solar System Exploration at NASA, leading the design of the next generation of spacecraft to explore Mars.

Dave leads the Curiosity Rover mission which landed on Mars in 2012, and is trying to determine if Mars was ever able to support microbial life. He is also working with the NASA and European Space Agency teams launching rovers to Mars in 2020 to actively search for signs of life in the Mars environment and prepare for future missions that may return Mars samples back to Earth.

Thanks to Macquarie university and Dave Lavery for letting me share this video with the EEVdiscover audience.

Guest Video: Raising Awesome – Young Dave Jones

Can a young Dave Jones from the 1970’s design a better computer than The Woz and Steve Jobs with their Apple 1?

Thanks to Sean Miller from Raising Awesome for filling in while I’m away. Check out his channel HERE

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Behind the scenes video on the making of this!