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EEVblog #1076 – KRK Textile Dome Tweeter Teardown

QUICK teardown of the failed KRK Rokit 6 textile (soft) dome tweeter.

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EEVBlog #1075 – Digital BitBox Hardware Wallet Review

Review of the Digital BitBox crypto bitcoin hardware wallet, made in Switzerland.

Bitcoin donations appreciated: 12gVrtZg75SWQFKhQ512DjPKpSFt3sK218


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EEVblog #1074 – Custom LCD Design – Part 2

Part 2 of designing your own custom LCD display.
Looking at the manufacturers datasheet for approval, and test design considerations.

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EEVblog #1073 – MORE KRK Rokit Black Gunk Speaker Repair

Fixing another two Gen 2 KRK Rokit 6 near field monitor speakers with the black gunk of death and failed capacitors.
How wide spread is this problem?

LOL at KRK Systems

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EEVblog #1072 – KRK Rokit 6 Studio Monitor Speaker Repair

Repairing a KRK Rokit 6 powered near field studio monitor speaker.
You won’t believe what caused the fault!


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EEVblog #1071 – (UPDATED) Dumpster Dive HP Envy Touch PC REPAIR

Repair of a HP Envy 23″ Touch PC found in the dumpster.
Blank screen and doesn’t boot. Troubleshooting and repair to getting it booted again.
New content at 20:00
Re-edited from the EEVblog2 channel video, with new happy-ish ending.

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EEVblog #1070 – What The Hack? Dumpster Hacking!

HUGE news!
Welcome the new full time host of the EEVdumpsterHack channel!
Subscribe here for a channel devoted to dumpster hacking:
Live subscriber counter!

Let us know your thoughts below, and who should the corporate sponsor be?

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EEVblog #1069 – Mailbag

Mailbag is back!
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Franlab T-Shirt
ServoShock PS4 Playstation wireless controller for servo motors.
Papyrus gift
PSM400 Arduino Mains Line Monitor

Fran Blanche

MakerBuino DIY handheld game console

4 Wire Short


EEVblog #1068 – Autonomous Uber Incident Update

An update on the autonomous self driving Uber Volvo XC-90 involved in the pedestrian fatality.
It is being reported that Uber disabled the Intel Mobileye collision avoidance sensor that is factory fitted in Volvo XC90.
Intel have ran the dashcam footage of the accident through the Mobileye system and said that even with the dark footage it would have detected the pedestrian a second before the incident.

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EEVblog #1067 – Analog vs Digital Multimeters!

Are analog multimeters still of any practical value compared to digital?
Only Dave can ponder that question for a half hour video…

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EEVblog #1066 – Uber Autonomous Car Accident – LIDAR Failed?

A self driving autonomous Uber car killed a pedestrian in Tempe Arizona. How did this happen?
It basically shouldn’t have.
TLDR; It looks as though the LIDAR and/or RADAR system failed to detect the pedestrian until fairly ideal practical circumstances.

A look at the newly released camera footage of the accident, the location, and the car LIDAR, RADAR, and camera sensor suites available to prevent such an accident.
Video footage
Location of accident
The same location at night with another dash cam
Inside Uber’s self-driving car mess
What a LIDAR sensor should show and detect (Google’s self driving car):

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EEVblog #1065 – Soldering Iron Power Delivery Explained

A further clarification to the previous video on the Hakko FX-888D vs the JBC direct heat CD-2B soldering station. And the differences between applied power, tip design, sensor design, control loop design, and power delivery to a ground plane.
Power measurements and DaveCAD explanations.


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EEVblog #1064 – Soldering Irons OLD vs NEW

What are the differences between the “old” style soldering iron tips like used on the low cost Hakko and Weller et.al low cost irons, and the more expensive integrated tip type?
An apples to oranges comparison of the Hakko FX-888D and the JBC CD-2B stations.
Bonus footage under the FLIR thermal camera.

Tin Whiskers 101

A video from the archives.
David Hillman from Rockwell Collins giving a talk on Tin Whiskers and the dangers of shorted contacts on PCB’s and other electronic circuits caused by using lead free solder.

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EEVblog #1062 – Trezor Model T Hardware Wallet Review

Unboxing and review of the new Trezor Model T cryptocurrency bitcoin hardware wallet. And comparison with
Crypto Currency:

Hardware Github

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EEVblog #1060 – $35,000 DataIO Unisite Universal Programmer Teardown!

Marty! This is the big one, the one I’ve been waiting for all my life!
Teardown of the classic Data IO Unisite Universal Programmer from the 1980’s, with a typical configuration selling for $35,000
It stayed in production for over 20 years.

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UPDATE: From one of the original designers!

ShadeCraft Sunflower – Internet Of Things FAIL

Just the product the world has been waiting for!
A $7000 Internet of Things intelligent umbrella with GPS, WiFi, Bluetooth, solar power, 360 camera, and an app.
Someone liked the idea so much they invested $2M in seed funding.
Throw in a bunch of patents and a dodgy Wikipedia page from an Indian marketing company and we have a winner!

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eevBLAB #45 – WIRED Job Ad & Tech Journalism

WIRED are looking for a new tech journalist, and this triggered something in Dave he just has to rant about. What about skepticism in tech journalism?