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Stichting Dutch Kingdom Amateur Radio Society

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NL05RABO 0190569948 / RABONL2U


secretarisatdkars [dot] nl (secretaris@dkars.nl)


t.n.v. Stichting DKARS, Bolsward






Date                      : May 8, 2018

Subject                : Invitation to the first Dutch Kingdom Contest in June 2018




Dear OM’s/YLs,


On behalf of the Dutch Kingdom Amateur Radio Society (DKARS) we would like to invite you and your fellow radio amateurs to participate in the third Dutch Kingdom Contest which is scheduled to take place, on the first weekend of June which is:

2 and 3 of June 2018.



The purpose of this contest is to show the consistency of the countries within the Kingdom of The Netherlands to the rest of the world, also give Dutch amateurs residing abroad a role in it, and last but not least, we also want to show young people how versatile and interesting our radio hobby can be.


The date and time of this contest are 100% simultaneous to the IARU CW Fieldday, but we are not meaning to interfere with it as the contest exchange is the same (599+serial). We hope to generate more activity on the band so both contests can benefit!


After the contest the logs can be submitted to our website robot at:


The rules for the Dutch Kingdom Contest can also be found at our website link above.


For any further questions or comments, you can contact the DKARS Secretary via: secretaryatdkars [dot] nl (secretary@dkars.nl)

We hope to hear you in the contest!







Peter de Graaf/PJ4NX

Secretary of the DKARS and contest manager











Beperking aansprakelijkheid : Wij geven advies zonder resultaat verplichtingen en kunnen niet aansprakelijk gesteld worden indien resultaten uitblijven. Ook zijn uitgesloten alle indirecte of immateriële schade zoals, maar niet beperkt tot, verlies of beschadigingen en supplementaire kosten. Ook is de DKARS en/of zijn haar bestuursleden niet aansprakelijk te stellen voor enige schade, of letsel berokkend door welke oorzaak dan ook ontstaan. Limitation of Liability : We give advice without any obligation of success and cannot be held liable for any lack of results. Also excluded are all indirect or intangible damages such as, but not limited to, loss or damage and additional costs. Also, the DKARS and / or its board members are not liable for any damage or injury caused by any means whatsoever.




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