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NRAU 10m Activity Contest
  Status: Active
  Geographic Focus: Nordic Europe
  Participation: Worldwide
  Mode: CW, SSB, FM, Digital
  Bands: 10m Only
  Classes: (none)
  Exchange: RS(T) + 6-character grid square
  QSO Points: (see rules)
  Multipliers: (none)
  Score Calculation: Total score = total QSO points
  Upload log at:
  Mail logs to: (none)
  Find rules at:


  Future Dates
  1700Z-1800Z, May 4 (CW) and 1800Z-1900Z, May 4 (SSB) and 1900Z-2000Z, May 4 (FM) and 2000Z-2100Z, May 4 (Dig), 2017   Logs due: May 18



Total votes: 414