Here is your Five Gold Star, "Worked W1OP FN41 RI FTx Five-Band Award". It's our thank you for being a friend of W1OP. We appreciate your help that leads to us getting awards, as well as your participation in our special events, and helping us build our contest scores. This enables W1OP to give back to our worldwide Ham community by providing RI to those seeking "Worked All States" Awards.  

      If you want to see how many times you actually have worked us on the different bands, you can access that information on ClubLog (available on our QRZ page), or on our website (W1OP).  If you have any questions on our QSOs, we can provide our contact records for your station. Thanks for being a Friend of W1OP FN41 RI.  

W1OP --- Providence Radio Association.