Dear HAM
WRTC 2022 Award staff would like to thank you for your qso with WRTC 2022 special event station/s!

WRTC 2022 Award wants to bring attention to WRTC 2022 event that will take place in 2023, and we hope that you have visited the website www.wrtc2022.it.

Congratulations if you have reached the 50 necessary points for the Award (5 CW qso, or 10 SSB qso, 12 RTTY qso, or 17 FT8 or mixed)! Rules are here

In this March month your will be able to start again your monthly score and call again all the WRTC stations on all bands and modes. Your overall score will be added to your February and January score.
Download your January and February Award from here

Wait...now you can download also your eQSL cards!

Register and Login to HamAward.cloud, select WRTC2022 Award, access your score page and logbook.
One word more about qsl: we appreciate very much who is sending qsl via email at every qso (we are now at over than 700.000 qso), but you surely will understand that we don't need all these qsl's and they are now affecting the email service quite a bit. So please don't send us email with qsl.. check your automated system.

Will not email futher on, so you will be informed on the hunters website directly, and remember that every month there will be an upgrade that you might appreciate.
We are now waiting you there, and we wish you a nice hunting for this month...our numbers shows that you all are enjoing the Award, so ... headset on, get your microphone or key ... and always remember that if you are enjoying the Award is because there is somebidy working in front and behind the scenes, so please think of a donation (www.wrtc2022.it/donate).

73 de WRTC2022 Award Staff !