IARU Contest – Nye Regler

Hi all
Great news from the ARRL to all the WRTC fans.
A new M2 category in WRTC's style has been added to
the IARU contest starting this year.

HCAT.4.2. Multioperator, Two Transmitter (M2)
HCAT.4.2.1. Only two transmitted signals are allowed at any time and must be on different bands. No second in-band receivers are allowed.
HCAT.4.2.2 Use of spotting assistance is not permitted, including the use of any external call sign databases and Super Check Partial.
HCAT.4.2.3. There are no band change restrictions in this category.
HCAT.4.2.4. Participants are limited to 100 W PEP output power (Low Power)
HCAT.4.2.5. Both transmitters may contact any station. A station may only be contacted once per band per mode regardless of which transmitter is used.
HCAT.4.2.6. The submitted log must indicate which transmitter made each contact.
See you in the IARU contest M2.
73 de Claudio I4VEQ

Komplette regler på https://contests.arrl.org/ContestRules/IARU-HF-Rules.pdf