YOTA Contest – 2022-II

With the IARU-R1 YOTA Working Group, are organizing our three-round International YOTA Contest for the second time this year.
The aim of this contest is to make the youth feel more important as a part of the HAM community by encouraging others to work with them on the bands. However, this goal can only be achieved with your assistance!
Throughout the last rounds, a lot of youngsters had to explain what these contests are all about whilst competing. Who else could help them regarding this matter if not us?

We would like to ask you to introduce YOTA contests to your societies and communities so that both young and old HAMs can get interested in these events. Be a geed role model and try making at least a few QSOs during our contest! Results don't have to be a priority – to preserve our beloved hobby, we must give some attention to the younger generations, for example, in form os this contest.

Not only the best results get prizes for competing, though; the youngest and oldest LOG submitters are also given a prize.

Feel free to try out the good side of pile-ups!

YOTA Contest website:
Rules have been translated into a dozen languages!

Youngsters On The Air (https://www.ham-yota.com/contest/)
YOTA Contest