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Slower-speed CWTs this week

For those of you who would like to participate in one of more of this week’s CWT mini-tests but who are not members of the cwops group at, here is a reminder that this week’s CWTs are special slow-speed sessions to welcome new graduates from the latest CW Academy classes (<>). Please keep your CW speed to 20 wpm or slower this week. We expect to have some contest newbies on, and we would like them to feel welcome rather than scaring them off by a macho demonstration of CW prowess – please save that for next week. CW Academy teachers and students may be sending CWA in place of the usual membership number or S/P/C in the exchange, and that some of the CWops special club call signs (KN8CWO, W9CWO and possibly others) will be on the air in this week’s CWTs.

The CWTs are one-hour sessions held three times a week, at 1300-1400Z, 1900-2000Z and 0300-0400Z every Wednesday (the 0300Z session is on Thursday UTC time). The exchange is name and CWops membership number (name and state/province/country code for non-members). For more details see <>. Whether you have tried these before or not, if you are able, join in the fun. There is no log-checking or log
submission, but you are encouraged to submit your claimed score at

Next week we will be back to regular CW contesting speeds, but this week please keep the speed knob dialed back to 20 wpm. Thank you.

Rich VE3KI
CWT Manager


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