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TX0A – TX0M, IOTA Dxpedition to French Polynesia, OC-113/297

ons, 05/12/2018 - 10:54

Here is the translation of an interesting article written by Enrico IZ5CML on www.hamradioweb.org.

We are almost on the eve of the IOTA Dxpedition, TX0A e TX0M, to two very rare references. More exactly, OC-297 has never been activated before and OC-113 has not been on the air since 1990, 28 years ago!

You could compare it, in DXCC terms, to a double Dxpedition to P5 and BS7 or something like that.

Well, in IOTA terms, the attention and the expectations are a lot less, yet it is still a very interesting operation.

I think it can be exciting for anyone, even those who don’t follow the IOTA activities, to work two guys operating inside a tent on two remote South Pacific atolls; this is what Dxing is all about, isn’t it? Regardless of DXCC…

These two guys are Cezar, VE3LYC, well known IOTA operator, having activated many rare islands across the world and Adrian KO8SCA, at his first IOTA activity, but well experienced for having partecipated in several Dxpeditions, the latest being Z23MD a few weeks ago.

They are currently in Papeete, about to fly to Mangareva, in the Gambier group, and then to the closest airport to continue their trip to OC-213 Maria est first , and then again to OC-297 Morane on an already booked sailboat, that will be waiting for them off the island during the whole operations.

In particular  Maria est is sorrounded by a reef without openings and they will try to land on it using Zodiacs.

They expect to operate CW and SSB five days from each island with two transceivers, two solid state amplifiers and two verticals, one multiband and a 20 meter monoband, I guess a VDA, but I’m not sure.

Clear, this is just a short two people Dxpedition, who won’t make 100,000 QSO (or even 30,000..) filling the bands with signals round the clock, but given the  venue, the adventure that is behind all this and the current propagation conditions, I believe it will be fun and exciting to try and work them.

As far as propagation in Europe is concerned, there should be good chances in the morning on 20 meters and maybe also on 17, 30 e 40 meters, we’ll see.

For further comments, see the original article on http://www.hamradioweb.org/forums/showthread.php?t=38376.

(Cover image from www.lejournalinternational.info)

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DXpeditions & Contest schedule for December 2018

man, 03/12/2018 - 12:12

The schedule that you will see, by clicking on the link, is interactive. In other words, by clicking on the single callsigns, you will be redirected to the websites containing the announcements and informations concerning that Dxpedition.

By downloading the .ics file, you can add the Dxpedition agenda to the Google calendar on your Android device.


TNX to HamRadioWeb & IZ5CML


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