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Speciel for kommende radioamatører

Full rules at:

1. Contest period: 1500Z for 24 hours.  A maximum of 14 hours ontime is
   permitted.  Off times must be a minimum of 30 minutes without any QSOs.

   Dates: Big Stew - December 30/31 2017.
          Pre Stew - October 21/22 2017.
          Summer Stew - June 17/18th 2017.
          Spring Stew - March 11/12th 2017.
2. Bands and mode: 160 meters CW only.

3. Categories: Single operator or multi-operator; high, low or QRP power.
   Low power is 100 watts or less output.  QRP is 5 watts or less output.
   High power is 1500 watts output or whatever you can legally run in your
   country - whichever is less.

4. Exchange: Four character grid square (i.e. CN85).  RST is optional.

5. QSO Points: The number of QSO points for each contact depends on the
   distance between the two stations.  This is computed by taking the 
   distance between the centers of the two grid squares.  Count a minimum 
   of one point per QSO and an additional point for every 500 kilometers 
   distance.  For example, a QSO with a station 1750 kilometers away will 
   count for 4 QSO points.  No additional distance for long path is allowed.  

   QSO Points are multiplied by 2X if you work a low power station and 4X 
   for working a QRP station.  This is done based upon received logs and
   is computed automatically during the log checking process.

   Do not worry if your logging software does not compute the QSO points.  
   Our automated log checking software does this.  


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