08/02/2018 - 15:42
The 80th anniversary of the launch of HMS Belfast

Here's the official msg to be published by RSGB on this occasionBelfast.jpg
"March 2018 sees the 80th anniversary of the launch of HMS Belfast and to mark the event the RNARS (Affiliated) London (HMS Belfast) Group have applied for and been granted  the Special Call GB80GGCN.
Golf Golf Charlie November was the marine callsign of HMS Belfast.   The special event call will last from March through to May. Visitors to HMS Belfast are able to see the operators using the call in the Bridge Wireless Office".

Please communicate within your club/ network.

We look forward to catching you on the bands, 7-10-14 MHz and perhaps above if condx OK; CW/SSB and increasingly FT8 (mainly 7 and 14MHz on Mondays).
Weekend March 17-18, the actual birthday, will be the key dates to have a QSO - if we can hear you over the noise from firing the 4" guns.
But you have 3 months to get into the log

Jorgen ("Joe")
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