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    «20th anniversary of the Arkhangelsk Regional Rescue Service»
    Two-way radio communication is provided over the range KW by the modulation format CW and SSB. Repeated radio communications are taken into account over different ranges, at every range by different types of modulations. 
    For getting a diploma, it’s necessary to get at least 20 points from 1 April to 30 April, 2018.
    - Every QSO with the anniversary radio station R20ARRS/P gives 5 points.
    - Every QSO with the anniversary station R20ARRS gives 4 points.
    - Every QSO with a specialist of the Arkhangelsk Regional Rescue Service RT1O gives 3 points. 
    - Every QSO with an operative officer of the Crisis Situation Management Centre of EMERCOM UA1OMP gives 2 points. 
    - For getting the award, the radio communication with R20ARRS or R20ARRS/P is necessary.
    - If the operators R20ARRS or R20ARRS/P are simultaneous the operators RT1O or UA1OMP, the radio communication is taken into account only with the anniversary station. 

    The free diplomas are given in electronic form according to the preliminary application. You can send your application in free format with a list of your radio communications to 
    rt1oataocc [dot] ru

    Memorable awards
    The first three competitor, scored the maximum points, will be awarded with memorable awards after the R20ARRS active phase ending free of charge. The competitors will pay only for transfer costs.  
    The on-line log-in is available on the web site 


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