WW Digi contest 2019 – Resultater

WWROF and SCC are pleased to announce the results of the inaugural WW Digi contest held at the end of August 2019:


There is the main article followed by a number of supporting tables and data plus a link to the Scores Database which provides a convenient means to slice up the results in countless ways.  Individual certificates may be printed locally using the link at the end of each entry in the Scores Database.

Thanks to all who participated and especially those who submitted logs, all of which contributed to better log checking accuracy for everyone.    Individual LCRs (Log Check Reports) will be sent upon request to w0yk@ww-digi.com.

Thanks also to the many generous plaque sponsors for supporting this new contest.  A number of invaluable volunteers supported the contest development and management in the background: Randy K5ZD, Ken K1EA, Tine S50A, Steve N8BJQ, Gator N5RZ, Mark N5OT, Tim K3LR, WSJT-X development team, MSHV, N1MM+, WriteLog/DigiRite and the RBN.

We look forward to and even bigger and better WW Digi on 29-30 August 2020.

WW-Digi Contest Committee
        Iztok S52D
        Don AA5AU
        Ed W0YK


Danske resultater

Rank Call Year Category Score QSOs Fields Hours QTH
1 OZ1ADL 2019 SO HP 20M 17,179 280 41 15.0 OZ
2 OZ1DSD 2019 SO LP ALL 5,307 167 29 12.6 OZ
3 OZ2ABI 2019 SO LP ALL 2,706 77 33 3.2 OZ
4 5P1KZX 2019 SO LP 20M 1,764 85 18 4.6 OZ



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