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    Dear YL and OM,
    We are very close to the beginning of the Bersaglieri Running Steps contest and I hope that you foreign radio operators from all over the world take part in many.
    Very attractive prizes are at stake, including tourist stays in our beautiful country, Italy!
    For this reason I hope that you will immediately read the rules and all the prizes on the sites www.arisandona.it and qrz.com on the search for the special call II3B.
    The period of the contest is from 1 March 2018 to 31 May 2018.
    So I hope to connect you soon in the air, 73 and have fun with the radio
    I3JKI Rob

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    Art. 1 Participation.

    Participation is open to all world OMs and SWLs, both Italians and Foreigners.

    Art. 2 Duration.

    Competition shall begin at 00.00 UTC on March1th 2018 and ending at 00.00 UTC on May 31st 2018.

    Art. 3 RF Spectrum.

    Only connections in HF 10, 15, 20, 40, and 80 meters are valid.

    Art. 4 Modes.

    SSB - CW - BPSK31 and RTTY (In accordance with the IARU band plan)

    Art. 5 Connections.

    QSOs with radioamateurs registered in the ARI CHAPTERS of Treviso, Mestre, Venice, Cosenza, Portogruaro, Pordenone, Caserta and San Donà di Piave are valid and each one of them shall be worth one point.

    At least one QSO with special station II3B - worth 6 points - and one with the IQ3SD station - worth 3 points - are mandatory.

    When the special station is operated outside San Donà di Piave, the call sign will be

    II3B/3 if in Veneto, II3B/IV3 in Friuli Venezia Giulia and II3B/8 in Campania or Calabria.

    Each QSOs with IQ3TR, IQ3ME, IQ3VE, IQ8CS, IQ3MV, IQ3PN and IQ8DO Chapter’s Stations are worth 2 points.

    Accredited radio stations, including chapters call sign and special call sign, may be contacted multiple times on the same day but only on different bands (eg I3XXX contacted on SSB 40 meters can no longer be connected the same day on 40 meters even with a different output mode than SSB, but it can be connected on other bands always with only one emission mode).

    QSOs with the same call sign are valid provided that they are made on different and later days.

    QSOs are valid only if made directly and without the help of repeaters or remote stations.

    Art. 6 Call and Reports to be exchanged.

    Stations, participating in the contest, shall call on frequencies as follows:

    SSB: CQ CQ Special Event 66° Bersaglieri National Rally

    CW and DIGITAL: CQ CQ 66 II3B

    Activating stations, in addition to receiving reports, will communicate QSO progressive number and points assigned to the station. Each activating station, excluding Chapter's call sign and special call sign, shall not operate for more than 10 days of their choice, of which at least 3 in March and 4 in April, excluding any radio activity on Saturdays and Sundays on bands of 40 and 80 meters. In addition, all radio stations, including Chapter's call sign and except only for special call sign, cannot perform radio activity of any kind on any band on the following days: March 3d, 4th, 17th, 18th, 24th, 25th; April 21st, 22d; May 5th, 6th.

    Art. 7 Rankings.

    Separate rankings will be produced according to the following categories:

    Foreign HF OM / YL, (if Foreign participants are less than ten, they will be included in the Italians OM / YL ranking)

    Italian HF OM / YL,

    Italian and Foreign HF SWL;

    OM / YL activators, belonging to participating ARI Chapters with higher total number of QSOs;

    Art. 8 Prizes. The top three classifieds of each category and the YL Italiana stations, foreigners and activists who have made the most of the QSO, will be awarded special prizes that may consist of stays at a tourist venue of Eastern Veneto and / or local products offered by sponsors sent to the National Bersaglieri Association.

    Awards will be specified on the website: https://arisandona.jimdo.com/Add..., the first three classified of each category will receive a commemorative plaque of the event.

    Anyone who has reached at least a score of 66 points will have a Special Diploma of the event. OM / YL activating will be eligible for a degree only if they have reached 100 QSOs. Participating ARI Chapters shall be entitled to the diploma for the sole reason that they have operated with the Chapter call sign.

    Diplomas will be available, free of charge, in digital format (PDF) from ARI San Donà di Piave website or, for those who want to receive it printing, the contribution to costs reimbursement, printing and shipping is Euro 8.00 or $10.00, payable as specified in the ARI San Donà di Piave Chapter website.

    Art. 9 Log.

    Logs, should be sent by email to the mailbox ii3b @ arisandona.it in electronic format (preferably Cabrillo or Adif. Excel is also accepted) with the subject: II3B_CALL (Example: II3B_I3XXX) by and not later than June 15th, 2018.

    Exceptionally, logs are also accepted in printed format as long as they do not exceed a maximum of 100 totalized points. All logs sent out after the specified time will be

    included in the rankings queue as control logs only, but will be eligible for the Diploma if requested.

    We recommend using the "QARTest" software in the "dxpedition" function that can be downloaded free of charge at http://www.ik3qar.it/software/qa...

    For activators: the logs must be sent by June 15, 2018 to the mailbox ii3batarisandona [dot] it, by mail in electronic format EXCLUSIVELY in Adif format, using the "QARTest" software in the function "Dxpedition" can be downloaded free of charge at http://www.ik3qar.it/software/qa... Log submission entails acceptance of the Rules and Decisions of the Organizing Committee. Each decision of the Organizing Committee and of the Contest Manager will be final and unenforceable.

    Art. 10 Special QSL.

    All those who got connected with II3B station will receive a QSL Special via Bureau, in case of a direct dispatch request must be enclosed a self-addressed envelope stamped with € 5.00 or $ 6.00 at the QSL Manager address indicated on QRZ.COM


    I3PVB Gianpietro Casagrande

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