WWSA GACW Contest Rules

WWSA GACW Contest Rules

Revision: March 23, 2019.

I – Dates

Second weekend of June of every year.

From Saturday 15.00 UTC until Sunday 15.00 UTC. 24 hours period.

II – Goal

To communicate with the greatest quantity of ham radio stations around the world, in as many CQ

zones and countries as possible, using A1A mode (CW, Radiotelegraphy).

III – Bands

Contest will be held in 80, 40, 20, 15 and 10m bands.

You should observe CW segments according your national laws and license.

IV – Categories

Mono-operator categories

It could be Monoband (one band at your election) or Multiband.

Only one signal is permitted on air at the time and the operator must do every task by itself. One station participating in this category, who receives operative assistance (DX Cluster, announcement, web pages, text messages, electronic CW decoders, etc) or technically during the period of the contest must register as Multi-operator. In the Multiband category, as many band changes as necessary are permitted, without time limits.

Multi-operator categories

In these categories, Multiband operation should be carried out without exception. Even if participants choose to operate in one band, contest result calculations will be made as if Multiband was performed.


Only one transmitter and one band is permitted during any 10 minute period. This period is counted since the first logged QSO. Exception: another band –but only one band- can be used during this period if the logged station is a new multiplier. Violations to this rule will convert category automatically to Multi-Multi.

– Multi-Transmitter

There is no limit to the number of transmitters, but only one signal can be on air in any band at the same time.


With respect to the power used to participate, either Mono-operator or Multi-operator:

– High Power: Maximum power is the one authorized by the license.

– Low Power: Output power must not exceed 100 Watts.

– QRP: Output power must not exceed 5 Watts.

V – Exchange

Stations must Exchange following data: RST & CQ Zone.

VI – Multipliers

There are two types of multipliers.

1. One multiplier for every different CQ zone worked in each band.

2. One multiplier for every radio country worked by band. Stations of same country can communicate only to compute Zone and Country. For score computation CQ WAZ definitions and DXCC-GACW-WAE and WAC limits will be used. Stations working as Maritime Mobile count only as zone multiplier of the zone they are navigating.

VII – Points

1. QSO between stations in different continents are worth three (3) points.

2. QSO between stations in the same continent but different countries are worth one (1) point.

3. QSO between stations inside the same country are permitted for zone and country multipliers but are worth zero (0) point.

4. QSO with stations of South America are worth five (5) points. This only applies for stations outside

South America.

One same stations only gives points one time per band.

VIII – Score

For all the participating stations: Final score is calculated as the sum of the points times the sum of multipliers.


100 points of QSO x 100 multipliers (20 Zones + 80 Countries) = 10,000 (Final result).

IX – Club competition

1. Clubs can be local or national organizations (Except IARU Member Societies).

2. There is no country and/or geographic zone restrictions.

3. Mention for which Club/Group you are participating and sum the scores.

4. Specify complete club name for which you want to add scores. You can use WPX list as a guide. http://www.cqwpx.com/clubnames.htm

X – Logs

1. All dates and time stamps must be expressed in UTC time.

2. All the sent and received exchanges must be logged along with the band used for every QSO.

3. Repeated QSO in a same band will not be penalized but count only once.

4. Please send your log in Cabrillo format via E-mail. Send your files as attachment. Do not paste the log in the body of the E-mail. An automatic response will confirm log reception. Be patient, sometimes log reception can have a delay.

Logs must be sent only to the next address:


5. Do not send separate logs for each band. QSO must be logged chronologically.

6. A list of received logs can be seen in the web site. This list will be updated every 48 hours approximately.

XI – Software

GACW neither suggest any special software, nor can guarantee the correct function or score computation of them. Some of the appropriate ones may be:

+ Super Duper by EI5DI. Runs under Windows, Linux and Raspberry PI. Download from:


* ALL in ONE by WD8KNC. Download from: http://www.geocities.com/ghafler.geo/wd8knc

+ UcxLog by DL7UCX. Download here: http://www.ucxlog.org/

+ AA LOG contest module and CW TYPE a terminal for CW operators. Download from:


+ N1MM Logger, can be downloaded from

+ Wincontest by I8VKB, a software in Italian language. Download from:


+ GEN LOG by W3KM – Download from:

+ VE6YP YP LOG – Download from:

+ DL4RCK RCK LOG – http://www.rcklog.de/e/

+ F5MZN – Win Test – Also includes WWSA, can be downloaded – http://www.win-test.com/

+ RADIOGES by EA4Y – Download from:

XII – Supervision

Violation to Amateur Service rules of your country, your license attributions or contest rules are considered as an unacceptable non ethic conduct. To log repeated or inexistent QSO and multipliers can lead to observations and disqualification.

The use of external means to amateur service and competition spirit such as telephone calls, emails, telegrams, spots, DX-clusters, DX-Nets, Packet Radio Cluster, cellphone messages, etc, constitute an inappropriate conduct.

Contest participation implies that all rules and the norms corresponding to your license and category of your country are respected.

Actions and decisions of Contest Committee of GACW will be official and final.

XIII – Deadline

Contest logs must be sent by email before June, 30th, inclusive.

XIV – Results and certificates

Contest results may be consulted in the website. These results will be available as quick as possible, within time limitations. Please keep in mind that score computation is carried by volunteers.

Due to the high price of postal service, the certificates will be issued in digital format that may be downloaded from website. Certificates will be available to the best score of each category and the best score of each country

Only for Argentine participants:

-A certificate will be issued to best classified Novice of Argentina, regardless of participants’ category entry.

-A certificate will be issued to the best classified Radio Club of Argentina, regardless of participants’

category entry.

To apply to these certificates, a requirement should be sent in a different email of the one that has the contest log, license photocopy and a short note expressing the willing to participate of these certificates.

XV – Other information

Contest rules, received logs list and contest results reading, certificate downloading, etc can be accomplished in the following website:


Please send your comments, corrections and suggestions to the email address cited before. Indicate also your name, country and callsign.


+ GACW is a directed movement of ideas, with the aim to establish an opinion flow in favor of all radio amateurs and specially radiotelegraphers, sustained in ethics codes, well behavior and solidarity, following the real spirit of Amateur Radio Service of ITU.

+ Contest is called ‘World Wide South America’ (WWSA) because of we would like to mean a competition between South America and the rest of the world. Its name and acronym are in English with the aim of world projection.

+ Only CABRILLO logs are accepted. Most of contest software can generate them. It is a text format with a standard header and a list of QSO.

+ From 2019 and ahead we will no longer accept logs in paper because of it takes too much time to be transcripted. Please get in contact with a friend HAM that may help you to use some of the logging software. These learning is an enrichment of the contest activity.

+ South America stations may use any software that is capable to work with CQ WW DX rules, it will give complete and correct scoring during contest participation.

+ Please send your log as an attachment file and call it like “yourcall.cbr”. Example: “cx3hf.cbr”.

+ You can send all your comments, suggestions, photographs and observations so we can include them in contest results publication.

+ As far as possible and if contest participation justifies, we will increase certificate quantities to be issued.

+ There is neither a minimum of contest communications for your log to be valid, nor a minimum CW speed to participate. WWSA’s spirit is to include as much as radio amateurs and serve as a school for future participation in contests. Please be good and considered operators.

We count on you for next WWSA!!



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