45th HAM RADIO – Friedrichshafen

the 45th HAM RADIO can unfortunately not take place as usual at the fairgrounds in Friedrichshafen due to the current development of corona virus. We deeply regret that. However, we have decided to conduct a virtual HAM RADIO, so that there can be an exchange between exhibitors and visitors.

Virtual fair
At the virtual HAM RADIO exhibitors present themselves with their content.
Company profiles, product (novelties), services, special offers, indtroduction of associations, …
Almost 30 exhibitors are already part of it – visit the virtual fair and discover the contents!
Link: https://www.hamradio-friedrichshafen.com/news/2020/virtual-fair-presents-novelties/

The DARC Lake Constance Meeting will also take place online on YouTube channels. Our patron, the German Amateur Radio Association DARC e.V., will as usual take care of the whole lecture program. Visitors have the opportunity to listen to interesting lectures, honors and award ceremonies will take place too.
Please finde the time table under the following link: https://www.hamradio-friedrichshafen.com/news/2020/ham-radionline/
We want to move together with the virtual fair and do our utmost to help bringing a piece of normality back.

Nonetheless we are looking forward to seeing you healthy and safe next year in Friedrichshafen for HAM RADIO from June 25 – 27, 2021.

We stay in (radio) contact.
VY 73 to all YLs und OMs,
Your HAM RADIO team