2020 WW Digi DX Contest

Next weekend is the second annual WW Digi DX Contest sponsored by the SCC and WWROF.  Rules <https://ww-digi.com/rules/>  and much other valuable information are available on the website <http://www.ww-digi.com/> .

Two issues arose in the 2019 event that we hope will be addressed by participants.  First, the bottom 2-3 kHz of the recommended 10 kHz sub-bands were very crowded with minimal use of the remaining sub-band spectrum.  This undoubtedly contributed to QSOs being difficult to complete.  Second, the NIL (Not In Log) error rate was much higher than the legacy modes of CW, SSB and RTTY.

The Operating Tips <http://www.ww-digi.com/operating.htm>  web page covers these issues (”Spread Out!” and “Minimizing NILs (Not In Log)”) along with many other suggestions on how to enjoy the contest.  We strongly encourage everyone to review this resource.

There will be two practices on Friday:

2200-2230 UTC, Friday, 28 August
0200-0230 UTC, Saturday, 29 August

Operate just as if the actual contest were taking place, using the recommended frequencies that are open in your area.  This is a great opportunity to be sure your station, software and operating knowledge are ready for the 1200 UTC start on Saturday 29 August.

Remember, logs are due 5 days later using the Cabrillo Log Upload <https://ww-digi.com/logcheck/>  web page.  Have fun!

73, Ed W0YK