RSGB 2020 Convention – Online

RSGB holder deres nationalkongres på lørdag online. Her holder Palle, OZ1RH kl. 14 DNT foredrag om Ionoscatter on 50 and 144Mhz.

In response to the UK’s continuing social distancing regulations, the RSGB Convention Committee has changed the arrangements for this year’s event and is holding an online Convention on Saturday, 10 October 2020

The programme will be split into two streams and whether you’re a new licensee or have been enjoying amateur radio for many years there will be a range of topics from expert speakers that you can enjoy free throughout the day.

You will be able to watch both streams live on our YouTube channel. Details of how to join the streams will be published in the week leading up to the event.


08:45 President’s welcome and introduction
Dave Wilson, M0OBW
09:00 Keynote address
Eric Swartz, WA6HHQ
From the K2, and a box of parts, to the technology and key features the K4. A behind-the-scenes look at a 22-year adventure of hard work, luck, technology and excitement at Elecraft.

An introduction to …

Learn more about …

10:00 The small station
Joe Chester, M1MWD
QRO Magnetic Loop Antennas
Rael Paster, M0RTP
11:00 Turning amateur radio into an adventure
Kevin Richardson, G0PEK and Lauren Richardson, 2E0HLR
VHF propagation and weather
Jim Bacon, G3YLA
12:00 The magic of six metres
Chris Deacon, G4IFX
Having fun with HF contesting
Olof Lundberg, G0CKV
13:00 How to get the most out of your dealer for your part-exchange
Martin Lynch, G4HKS
Ionoscatter on 50 and 144Mhz
Palle Preben-Hansen, OZ1RH
14:00 A pictorial introduction to data modes
Mike Richards, G4WNC
VHF/UHF radios for contesting and DX-ing
Alwyn Seeds, G8DOH
15:00 Antenna modelling with MMANA-GAL
Steve Nichols, G0KYA
DSP: Underlying Concepts
William Eustace, M0WJE
16:00 Getting Started on Low Earth Orbit Satellites
Peter Goodhall, 2M0SQL
Take your CW to the next level
Bruce Pea, N9WKE

* All times are BST (UTC+1)

To find more details on the lectures please click here