True Blue DXers Marathon – NEW


Hvordan kan du finde dine QSO og point osv?
Jeg bruger N1MM+ hvor jeg har oprettet en Log for DXWWCW startende 01-01-2021. Her importerer jeg en ADI fil som jeg har eksporteret fra mit logprogram (HRD Logbook). ADI filen er eksporteret som en minimal fil beregnet for e-QSL.
Efter import kan jeg i N1MM score vinduet klikke på "Rescore" og den beregner alle de tal du skal bruge til upload.

99 stations entering results
As we come close to the end of the first month of the 2021 DX Ultra-Marathon, participation numbers keep growing. We have now 284 registered stations, of which 99 are currently entering their results. 

By far, the most popular category is CW Low Power, with 39 stations having provided results so far. OK2ZV made an impressive 1,667 QSOs and over 600k points. In a month with almost half the days at 0 sunspots, this 100 watt achievement is quite remarkable. With 1314 QSOs and 337k points, OU2I comes second and YO4AAC third with 769 QSOs and close to 200k points.

The second most popular category is CW High Power, with 25 participants. Here, numbers are almost unbelievable... 9A2AJ has almost 5,000 QSOs, 441 countries and 132 zones, for a whooping 4.4M score. 4O4T follows with 4693 QSOs, 342 countries and 109 zones, at just over 3M points. I2IFT is third with 2,519 QSOs, 296 countries and 94 zones, taking him over 1.3M points. It seems that these fine colleagues are able to make their own propagation! I personally hear them every day on the bands, and I think we have to take our hat off to their dedication.

However, it is important to remember that the DX Ultra Marathon is definitely NOT only about winning. For most of us, it is a challenge against ourselves and the vagaries of the propagation, often with a less than optimal setup - it is about enjoying our hobby and making QSOs. Let me mention here LB6GG, whom I also often hear on the bands, who has totaled so far an incredible 2029 QSOs, 265 countries and 64 zones... with a 2x27 m doublet!

Next month we'll look at the SSB and QRP categories.
ADIF import coming soon
We understand that there is great demand and expectation for a function that will allow users to upload an .adif file and have their score calculated automatically, with instant updating of the leaderboards. 

We did not envisage this function for the first edition of the Ultra Marathon, but it is clear that having such a possibility will make entering results much easier and will boost participation. We are therefore working hard on it and, all going well, we will have the .adif upload function by the end of April. 

Meanwhile, we strongly encourage all stations who have registered to enter their results manually.
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