Contest – Zoom Webinar (free)

Live via Zoom Webinar (free)
Thursday May 20, 2021

* REGISTRATION OPENS April 21, 2021 go to:

Each speaker will talk for 45 minutes with 15 minutes after for Q&A.

1300Z  Welcome to CTU by W8CI and K3LR

1305Z - WW2DX speaker "Cloud Contesting - Live Demonstration" -
moderators NN1C and W9KKN

1400Z - W3LPL speaker "Preparing Your Station for Competition"
- moderators NN1C and W9KKN

1500Z - M0DXR speaker "Contest Categories "Make the Most of
Your Entry" - moderators W2NAF and KM3T

1600Z - Last 12 months - Contest Operator Silent Keys by K1AR and CONTEST BREAK

1630Z - DK6SP speaker "Youth - the Future of Contesters" -
moderators W2NAF and KM3T

1730Z - UA9BA speaker "Contesting From Russia" - moderators K5TR
and N5KO

1830Z - CT1BOH speaker "There is Nothing Magic About
Propagation" - moderators K5TR and N5KO

1930Z - NC0B speaker "Transceiver Performance for the HF DX and
Contest Operator" - moderators K1AR and N3RA

2030Z - Wrap up N9JA and K3LR

2035Z - 2021 CQ Contest Hall of Fame Presentation - K1AR

*FOUR ICOM HF Radios will be given away during CTU at random times. You must be registered in Zoom and present during the random time drawing.

More information is here:
Special Thanks to Hamvention, Icom America and DX Engineering for donating the radios and to for website hosting.
2021 Virtual Contest University will be recorded and available on YouTube
after the event is over.

73 Tim K3LR
Contest University Chairman