Worked All Zones diplom (CQ-zoner)

Jeg er en af dem, der har bestilt et Worked All zone (WAZ) for de 40 kørte CQ-zoner. Jeg bestilte mit i september 2020 med en besked om, at der dengang var minimum 180 dages leveringstid. Nu er der gået noget længere tid, så jeg skrev til CQ Amateur Radio for at høre, om jeg var glemt.

Jeg fik dette svar fra John Bergman, KC5LK. Han er CQ WAZ Award Manager:


There have been several problems with our certificates lately that seem to be causing huge delays in shipping them to our customers.

1) We did not foresee such a huge demand for WAZ certificates when the ARRL allowed us access to Logbook of the World, so CQ has been flooded by WAZ certificate requests.

2) There is only one person who works on engraving the certificates, and they have been overwhelmed with the increased demand, they also work on our other award certificates, which has created a large backlog.

3) As we were beginning to catch up with the demand, the COVID-19 pandemic forced us to shutdown our office for three months.

4) Even as we returned and began sending out certificates, there are a number of countries that are not accepting mail from the U.S. due to the lingering high rates of infection still ongoing in the U.S. Thus, putting another hold on outgoing foreign mail.

We are trying to catch up as fast as we can, and when the mail begins to move again, we will send them as fast as we can. We apologize for the long delay in getting the WAZ certificates and hope we can start moving them as soon as possible.

Jason Feldman, KD2IWM
Managing Editor
CQ Amateur Radio