HAM Vention 13-14 marts

Når vi nu ikke kan komme sammen fysisk er det jo fint at der findes virtuelle udstillinger. Den 13-14 marts kan du komme med til QSO Today Virtual Ham Expo som foregår via din computer eller Tablet eller Smartphone.
Her kan du se de foreløbige præsentationer som er planlagt:

Ron Jones K7RJ3D Printer Basics
Thomas Robinson G0SBWAmateurs Research Poor Radio Communications At Battle Of Arnhem - 1944
Matt Heere N3NWVAn overview of Parks on the Air
Thomas Schiller N6BTAnother new look at verticals
Rick Hiller W5RHAntenna Design -- History and Tools
Michal (Mike) Brennek SP0MM/SP2JBe a Merry Merry Operator - How to start /MM operations without a headache
John Ackermann N8URBehind the Tuning Knob -- Frequency Control Past and Present
Joe Eisenberg K0NEBBuild a Kit! Building the Cric-Key
Antoine De Ramon N'Yeurt 3D2AGChallenges in Paradise: 30 years of Rotuma DXpeditions 1991-2021
Anthony Luscre K8ZTChoosing Your Ideal Callsign
Eric Silverthorn NM5MCW Academy, A Great Way to Learn CW
Anshul MakkarDebris Mitigation In Earth's Orbit
Carl Luetzelschwab K9LADesign Notes for Solid-State RF Power Amplifiers
Alex Schwarz VE7DXWDetecting Earthquakes Using HF Receivers
Michelle Thompson W5NYVDigital Multiplexing Transponder from Open Research Institute
Marcel Stieber AI6MSDual-band Satellite Dish Slot Antenna
Bill Salyers AJ8BDXCC One Bite at a time
Derek Kozel MW0LNAETs or Hams? Receiving Moonbounce with a Radio Telescope
Quin Schultze K8QSFuture Anthropologists Will Say
Ham Radio Was One of the Greatest Hobbies Ever
Tom Schuessler N5HYPGetting on the Air With Amateur Radio Satellites
Clint Bradford K6LCSGetting On the Air With Satellites
Derek Kozel MW0LNAGNU Radio: a toolkit for digital homebrewing
George Allison K1IGHigh Speed CW in Your Head
Tim Carter W3ATBHigh-Speed Radio Communications - The NEFR
Eric Nichols kl7ajHow the Ionosphere Really Works
Frank Bauer KA3HDOHow to Enjoy Amateur Radio Contacts with the International Space Station
Jim Heath W6LGHow to have a contact or QSO for new hams on HF
Ron Bilinsky VA7RTBHow To Run A Ham Radio Station At An Event For A Large Number Of Youth
Anshul MakkarImplementation of LDPC encoder on FPGA
Douglas Quagliana KA2UPWIntroduction to Amateur Radio Satellites
Rex Harper W1REXLet's BUILD something!
Ronald Cohen K3ZKOLightning and Grounding Protection
Bob McGwier N4HYMachine Learning and Ham Radio, ID of HF/VHF Signals
Wayne Yoshida KH6WZMakers, Youth and Ham Radio
Bob Allphin k4UEEMy favorite DXpeditions to DXCC Top 10 "most wanted"
George Misic KE8RNMy years with Dentron Radio Company 1981-1983
Andras Bato HA6NNPipeline type radio wave propagation
Eddie Leighton ZS6BNERaDAR - Rapid Deployment Amateur radio
Derek Kozel MW0LNAReceiving WSPR and FT8 on all bands at once using GNU Radio and RTL SDRs
Paul Williamson KB5MURemote Labs for P4XT Engineering Development
Paul Taylor VK3HNScratch-building 101: How to design, build and enjoy your own QRP rig
Carl Luetzelschwab K9LASolar Cycle 25 Predictions
Michelle Thompson W5NYVSolving the ITAR and EAR problem for the Amateur Radio Satellite Service
Steve Masticola WX2SSpecial Event Organization Seminar
Ria Jairam N2RJSystems Integration For Amateur Radio
Dan Romanchik KB6NUTeaching Online Ham Classes
Peter Butler W1UUThe New Frontier of CW Operating
Rob Suggs NN4NTThe Science Behind the Pings - Meteor Scatter Propagation
Tom Vinson NY0VThe Search for Earhart's L10E: Replicating Earhart's HF Comm Link
Anthony Luscre K8ZTThe State QSO Party Challenge
Mike Ritz W7VOThe Storied History of the Ham Radio Callsign
Don Keith N4KCTop 5 Station Accessories Every Ham Needs to Have
Fred Regennitter K4IUUnderdog Contesting
Michael Walker VA3MWUsing Drones for Amateur Radio
Michael Foerster W0IHUsing the Arduino In Your Shack
Jim Wilson K5NDVHF Contesting
Anthony Luscre K8ZTWorking with Youth in Amateur Radio
Carole Perry WB2MGPYouth Forum

Mon ikke du kan finde et spændende emne som du gerne vil høre mere om.
Klik dig ind på https://www.qsotodayhamexpo.com/ og læs alt om hvordan du kan deltage.