Lithuanian HF CUP 2021

OZ1ADL Jan har gjort mig opmærksom på en lidt anderledes contest som afholdes den 19. juni 2021.

Welcome to on-site international HF competition

Lithuanian Radio Sports Federation has the honor to invite contesters to take part in the international on-site HF competition Lithuanian HF CUP 2021.
The 24th Lithuanian HF CUP will take place on 19th June 2021 on holiday resort-city Birštonas, which is situated 40 km south from Kaunas.
About 10-15 on-site participants will use call signs LY21A – LY21Z.

You are welcome to enter this contest as on-site competitor or as a participant!

For on-site participants the registration starts from 2021-05-25 till 2021-06-19 by email: or or by cell phone number: +370-691-44414.

Information on lrsf web-site will be updated each day. The on-site competitors raw scores will be updated each 15 minutes during the competition.

73! 88! LRSF board