Audible eQSLs

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Announcing exclusive new technology

AUDeQSL™ is now available to Silver+ and above

Record some music or a voice narration for your eQSL card. Recipients can also hear the QSO details read to them in a synthesized voice of your choosing!

Here is a sample Inbox with an AUDeQSL from WB4WXX:

In minutes, your new Silver Plus membership level will give you all this, not available to lower membership levels!

  • Access to the AUDeQSL Configuration screen to upload voice or music files (go to My Accounts and follow the link) and to configure the voice, pitch, and speed of the readback of the QSO details on your eQSLs
  • Sound icons appear in recipients' InBox to "play" the sounds associated with your AUDeQSLs
  • An expanded profile page with photos
  • Ability to import your Logbook of the World confirmed QSLs
  • Access to the exclusive N5UP Blog, with information on upcoming new features and in-depth discussions of some of the various elements of the eQSL system.
  • Access to Style 4 cards, including the eQSL Designer tool Allows you to create a custom card with virtually any text layout you want, and the ability to position up to 3 different logos onto the card. Go to MY EQSL DESIGN for details.
  • Ability to participate in our eAwards, including eAfrica, eAntarctica, eAsia, eAustralia, eCanada, eDX, eDX100, eEcholink, eEurope, eFrOM, eGrid, eJapan, eNAmerica, eNZ, eOceania, ePFX300, eSAmerica, eSatellite, eUK, eWAC, eWAS, eZ40, and all new ones!
  • Access to more QSL card designs in the various image libraries, even if you do not use a Style 4 card.

73,  Dave Morris, N5UP
Founder and Webmaster