• True Blue DXers Club award

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    TBDXC Introduces the new EXCELLENCE Awards CW EXCELLENCE and SSB EXCELLENCE are the first to be introduced in the line of awards offered by the True Blue DXers Club. The awards programme seeks to recognise outstanding achievements by DXers who use traditional, human-to-human means in today's challenging environment characterised by declining activity on CW and SSB, increasing levels of noise and, at least in the short term, poor propagation on the HF bands.

    The EXCELLENCE Awards are offered to amateurs who work at least 200 DXCC entities within one calendar year. This means that there must be no more than 365 days between the first and the last QSO. The award is available for QSOs made after 1 October 2018. The minimum requirement is 200, but the award plaque will mention the actual number of entities worked during the maximum period of one year. The TBDXC website will list award recipients with their respective number of worked entities. The EXCELLENCE awards are single-mode only, CW or SSB. Please visit http://www.tbdxc.net/awards for details and application form. 73 Pete MM0TZWX TBDXC Founder and COO
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  • 32EUDXF Award

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    32EUDXF Award

    Following the success of the 30EUDXF Award whilst celebrating the 30th anniversary of the EUropean DX Foundation in 2016 it is decided to issue the 32EUDXF Award.
    During November 2018 a number of Special Event Stations will be activated during the EUDXF activity month. By working these stations points can be collected for various levels of the award.

    The award will be available in 4 different classes:
    " Bronze: 10 QSO's with at least 3 different special "32EUDXF" stations
    " Silver: 15 QSO's with at least 4 different special "32EUDXF" stations
    " Gold: 20 QSO's with at least 5 different special "32EUDXF" stations
    " Platinum: 30 QSO's with all activated "32EUDXF" stations.
     [Platinum: At least one QSO should be made with every 32EUDXF station]

    Please note that working the same station on the same band in the same mode is considered a dupe QSO and will not count for the award.
    Any other combination counts as a valid QSO.

    The award will be available for free in an digital format.
    A printed award will be made available against cost of 10 Euro/Dollar.

    Valid stations for the award: DL32EUDXF - OE32EUDXF - OT32EUDXF - PA32EUDXF - PB32EUDXF - PC32EUDXF - PD32EUDXF - PE32EUDXF - PF32EUDXF - PG32EUDXF - PH32EUDXF and PI32EUDXF.
    (Subject to change as more SeS callsigns are not yet confirmed)

    How to obtain this award?
    Send a log extract showing the qso's made to Alex PA1AW, the award manager.
    The awards will be issued starting December 2018 after completion of the 2018 activity month.


    OZ2I Henning

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  • HA-QRP Diploma Announcement

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    Diploma can be obtained: 1st November 00.00 UT to 7th November 23.59 UT every year
    Its aim: promoting the QRP operations

    Organizer: MRASZ Hungarian Radioamateur Society
    Organizing Committee: HA6NL, HA7PL, HA2NA

    This diploma can be obtained by any amateur radio operator around the world Special callsigns in 2018: The two main stations work with HA45QRP, HG45QRP and HG72QRP callsigns. Others who would like to join to the activity work with HA45 and HG45 prefixes as well.
    The special stations can use power up to 10 watts during the activity, in every band and mode.
    Diplomas are available based on the contacts made with them. These contacts must be in the special stations' online log.
    Logs will be updated continuously but not later than 15th November.

    Diamond diploma
    - Contact with all three main stations HA45QRP, HG45QRP and HG72QRP stations and
    - at least 15 contacts with other HA45 and HG45 stations

    Gold diploma:
    - Contact with all three main stations HA45QRP, HG45QRP and HG72QRP stations and
    - at least 11 contacts with other HA45 and HG45 stations

    Silver diploma:
    - two contacts are highlighted by the three main stations HA45QRP, HG45QRP and HG72QRP stations and
    - at least 8 contacts with other HA45 and HG45 stations

    Bronze diploma:
    - one contact with any of the HA45QRP or HG45QRP stations and
    - at least 3 contacts with other HA45 and HG45 stations

    Diplomas can be downloaded free of charge from THIS WEBSITE

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  • Hungary's amateur radio celebrates 90th birthday

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    Hungary's amateur radio movement celebrates 90th birthday

    Hungarian Radioamateur Society (MRASZ) organizes special event activities commemorating its predecessor's foundation 90 years ago.

    Activity period: 15th Nov - 15th Dec 2018.

    The following special event stations are heard on air during this activity, in memoriam our 'founder fathers':
    HA90HL (Horváth László)
    HA90AM (Anzerberger Mihály)
    HG90BD (Bibó Dénes)
    HG90BJ (Brisky József)
    HG90FI (Fodor István)
    HG90HL (Hollós Lajos)
    HG90KI (Kemény István)
    HG90MF (Mayer Ferenc)
    HG90NK (Nekolny Kurt)
    HG90NS (Nagy Sándor)
    HG90MRAE (Magyar Rövidhullámú Amatőr Egyesület, Hungarian Shortwave Amateur Union)
    HG90MRASZ (90 years of MRASZ)

    Any bands can be used. CW, LSB, USB, PSK and RTTY modes can be used.
    During the period of activity, awards can be achieved by making contacts with the special event stations listed above, when fulfilling the following requirements:

    - Gold diploma: at least 2 QSOs with every station, using 2 different modes for each (24 QSO)
    - Silver diploma: one QSO with every station, using the same mode (12 QSO)
    - Bronze diploma: one QSO with every station, without mode restrictions (12 QSO)

    Awards are available online and can be downloaded since the start of activities.
    Contacts will be uploaded to LoTW. Direct QSL card 2 USD or QSL via HA bureau.

    Mere info:

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  • OZ1HQ diplomsamling

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    OZ1HQ Diplomsamling

    OZ1HQ Diplomsamling

    OZ2I Henning

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  • San Marino Award = 15.-16. september 2018

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    T71A, T71B & T71C – San Marino

    September 4, 2018

    The Amateur Radio Association of the Republic of San Marino is happy to announce a special activity from the Three Towers of San Marino, a group of towers located on the three peaks of Monte Titano in the capital, they are depicted on both the national flag and coat of arms.

    This activation that will be held under the patronage of the Ministry of Territory and Environment and the Ministry of Tourism and Sport, will take place in conjunction with a civil protection exercise on September 15th and 16th for 24 hours.

    The Three Towers Award is issued in two categories. The Three Towers Award (Standard) is issued to an amateur radio station submitting proof of contact with all the 3 towers on at least 2 bands. The Three Towers Award Honor Roll is issued to an amateur radio station submitting proof of contact with all the three towers on three bands.


    The stations will be active only 10, 15, 20 and 40 meters.


    Three stations will be activated by the member and supporter of ARRSM from:

    1.    Guaita – First Tower ­ T71A
    The Guaita is the oldest of the three towers, and the most famous. It was constructed in the 11th century and served briefly as a prison. It was rebuilt numerous times and reached its current form in the 15th century during the war fought between San Marino and the House of Malatesta.


    2.    Cesta – Second Tower ­ T71B
    The Cesta is located on the highest of Monte Titano’s summits. A museum to honor Saint Marinus, created in 1956, is located in this tower and showcases over 1.550 weapons dating from the Medieval Era to the modern day. It was constructed in the 13th century on the remains of an older Roman fort.


    3.    Montale – Third Tower ­ T71C
    The Montale is located on the smallest of Monte Titano’s summits. Unlike the other towers, this one is not open to the public. It was constructed in the 14th century. It is thought to have been constructed to give protection against the increasing power of the Malatesta family in that region. It was also used as a prison, and accordingly, the only entrance to the tower is a door about seven metres from ground level, which was common for prison architecture of the time.



    The special QSL card will could be requested via T70A via direct or via BURO.

    The request of the award must be sent only direct to ARRSM (T70A) with a fee of 10€/15$ to cover the expenses (the award will be printed on vellum paper).

    P.O.BOX 77



    Operating from the top of San Marino, inside a UNESCO World Heritage Site with these 3 rarely used callsigns is absolutely uncommon for the amateur radio activity in the Republic of San Marino. It’s an unique opportunity and we will do our best to offer the a QSO with all the three stations to as many radio amateurs possible.


    More info on the ARRSM website will follow soon.  http://www.arrsm.org/


    OZ2I Henning




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  • OZ får GULD diplom

    OZ får GULD diplom
    Football World Championship sprænger alle rammer. Også flere Danske radioamatører er på jagt efter diplomer og det går ganske fint.
    Du kan se forskellige danske FWC diplomer på http://www.oz1hq.dk/OU18FWC/DIPL...

    Har du modtaget et diplom må du gerne sende en kopi til mig, så vil jeg lægge det på FWC hjemmesiden.
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  • http://www.oz1hq.dk/OU18FWC/

    Nu er også OV18FWC aktiv samt OZ/HF18FWC - MERE AKTIVITET!!
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  • Denmark participates in the SRR Radio Marathon

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    OU18FWC - Foot Ball

    World Football Cup 2018 i Rusland

    Danmarks specielle kaldesignaler er: OU18FWC og 5Q8FWC

    Du kan være med som operatør i hele perioden.
    Tilmelding til: oz1biiatedr [dot] dk

    Aktiviteten er enkel:
    • Book en tid i kalenderen på: OU18FWC eller 5Q8FWC
      Du kan kun booke tid når du er tilmeldt.

    • Kør radio i den tid du har booket og før en udførlig Log.

    • Log sendes som vedhæftede ADIF filer til oz1biiatedr [dot] dk senest 2 dage efter din aktivitet.

    Du modtager udførlig instruks når du tilmelder dig.

    Operatørdiplomer udstedes for:
    BRONZE 300 QSO
    SØLV 600 QSO
    GULD 1000 QSO
    PLATIN 2000 QSO
    DIAMANT 4000 QSO

    SRR (Soyuz Radiolyubitelei Rossii) udsteder også diplomer og certifikater til operatørerne ifølge indbydelsen.

    Best 73 de OZ1BII Henning

    Denmark participating in the
    SRR Radio Marathon

    of the radio marathon dedicated to
    the World Football Cup 2018

    This radio marathon is dedicated to the World Football Cup 2018 and organized by the national radio-amateur organization named SRR (Soyuz Radiolyubitelei Rossii).

    The SRR Organizing Committee consists of:
    · Igor Grigoriev (RV3DA) – President of SRR;
    · Eugene Glukhov (R4AS) – Diploma Committee of SRR;
    · Aliy Kuisokov (UA6YW) – Special Event Station Coordinator.

    This marathon starts at 00:00 UTC June 1 2018 and finishes at 14:00 UTC July 15 2018, one hour before the final game.

    During this period a number of Special Event Stations will be active:
    · SESs from Russia with suffixes dedicated to the final-stage countries - R18ARG, R18AUS, R18BEL, … ;
    · SESs from Russia with suffixes dedicated to the cities where matches will take place - RC18EK, RC18KA, RC18MO;
    · SESs from the final stage countries – SES with a suffix ***FWC or ***FIFA, and from other countries using a suffix ***FIFA.
    · Other variations may be possible.

    There are some countries where SES are not allowed. In such cases their radio amateurs may use other kind of call signs: either club or contest call signs. All these stations will be listed in the main SES list as well.
    The full list of Special Event Stations will be published at the website fwc18.hamlogs.net before 25 May.
    After finishing this marathon all operators of the above stations will be awarded memorable digital certificates.

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  • Digital Activity Days «Russian DOMINO 2018»

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    Indbydelse videresendt af OZ4FF

    Dear Fellow Radio Amateurs,
    Russian Digital Radio Club invites to celebrate our national holiday the Day of Russia to play with colleagues in «Russian DOMINO».
    We announce the Digital Activity Days «Russian DOMINO 2018» for all amateurs of digital modes from 03:00 UTC on Monday 11th June till 20:59 UTC on Tuesday 12th June, 2018 on all 9 HF bands in DominoEX11 and DominoEX4 modes. Our Days of Activity is open to SWL.

    Read more rules about our game: http://www.rdrclub.ru/dni-aktivn...

    The prize - a real Russian dominoes - will be raffled between participants who have taken the first a place in each subgroup. Diplomas in electronic form will be reawarded with all participants of Digital Activity Days who would work 10 QSOs (SWL) in Domino modes. The pendant with trade marks RDRC will be raffled between the members of the Russian Digital Radio Club.

    It is necessary to send adif-file (.adi) from logbook till 23:59 UTC on June, 17th for summarizing the results to the address: mailto:01-10atrdrclub [dot] ru

    So, who did not take long ago in hands a dominoe? Join our campaign!
    73! - RDRC -

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